Poker Coach already offers one of the most comprehensive and easy to use online poker odds calculators available. Now they’ve added a personalized poker coach that can help players improve their game much faster than they could on their own. The tool gives players assistance before their session, during their session, and during a post-session review.

Before starting any session, the tool gives players the ability to view and analyze their stats. This gives players the opportunity to experiment with different play styles and see which ones are working and which are not. The MagicHoldem Personal Poker Coach helps players with their analysis by pointing out weak areas of their play and offers strategies and tips to improve.

During an online poker session, this tool provides access to information about opponent tendencies and helps determine the relative hand strength for the specific situation at the table. It also teaches a player the odds of hitting their draws, which can accelerate memorization of odds and outs. It offers real time analysis of a player’s strategy, giving them a chance to correct mistakes more quickly than they otherwise would.

After an online poker session, the Magic coaching tool provides a comprehensive and easy to understand post-session analysis, including player tendencies and profit/loss. It will highlight specific hands that were played poorly, including what specific actions were incorrect and why. It then offers suggestions on how the hand could be played differently, or suggests that the hand should not have been played at all.

Expert players understand the importance of analyzing their play. For those that are first learning the game, it can be difficult to know what to look for in their analysis. Magic Holdem’s personalized coaching tool gives these players access to expert knowledge and analysis without the prohibitively high cost of hiring a professional poker player as a personal coach.