Online Poker Headlines

  • Zynga’s Strategy for Entering the Online Poker Market

    Zynga recently announced the launch of their own online poker site in the UK. Unlike the play money poker they have offered in the past, Zynga’s real money poker website will utilize industry-leading software with a high level of customer support. Zynga has partnered with PartyPoker and will take advantage of their already popular software. […]

  • The Internet Gambling Regulation May Not Pass Before Midterm Elections

    Congress is set to adjourn Oct. 8, but congressman Barney Frank is ‘Not Optimistic’ About the chances of HR 2267, the new proposed internet gambling bill, to pass before the midterm elections. The current backlog of legislation and time constraints are the main reasons he mentioned. Is it just lowering expectation or a real grim future for […]