The latest WSOP circuit event took place this week and it was a tournament of many tales. Find out what happened here.

The WSOP rolled into Atlantic City this week as the Main Event hit Caesars on Friday 11th March before finishing on Sunday 13th March. It was a strange tournament because for once all the talk was not about Poker Hall of Fame legend Erik Seidel. In recent weeks if there has been a tournament then Seidel’s name has been plastered all over it such is the scale of his success in 2011 thus far.

The WSOP Circuit Caesars Atlantic City Main Event buy in was an impressive $1,650 and it attracted 442 entrants initially. As all the players entered the fray on the Friday, it was hard to tell who was going to set the tournament alight. The prize pool was a tasty $633,082 which meant the winner would be taking home some serious cash.

After three days of non-stop action at the tables it was the New Yorker Brian Ali who defeated all of his opponents to walk away with the $139,284 first prize along with a place in May’s WSOP Circuit Championship at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas.

Ali came into his own at the final table of this main event tournament and he stated his intent from the off. He reduced Patrick Houchins to his knees early on by hitting a flush on the turn and the river and, in doing so, stormed into the chip lead. Houchins did well to maintain his composure and remained in the tournament. Joseph Caffrey was the first to be eliminated from the final table, at the hands of the disciplined John Andress. Houchins battled on and doubled up a few times to get back into the game.

Albert Winchester was next to go in the harshest of circumstances. He went all in with a pair of Aces compared to Houchins’ pair of 4s. Houchins hit the three of a kind on the river and it sent Winchester on the verge of going out whilst Houchins continued his revival. It wasn’t long before Winchester was sent packing at the hands of Brian Ali who defeated Winchester with a pair of 4s. Ali was feeling confident and soon used another low pair to remove Jerry Van Strydneck. His pair of 5s was too much for his opponent’s King and 8 off suit.

Brian Ali was in his stride now and he soon eliminated another player in Jeffrey Rowland. The pair came down to the river with four clubs on the board. Rowland turned over a 10 of clubs. However, Ali was in luck and turned over the Ace to grab the nut flush and send Rowland on his way.

Houchins revival was still on as he eliminated a weakened Roland Israelashvili after the man from the state of New York had suffered a big blow at the hands of John Andress. Brian Ali was clearly getting itchy feet at not being involved in an elimination and it wasn’t long before he was back in the thick of the action. Ellis Jeff Frazier had been the short stack for a long time, perhaps too long. He was forced into an all in bet with an Ace and an 8 off suit. Unfortunately, Ali had an Ace and a Queen off suit. Frazier couldn’t beat Ali and the boxing puns commenced over Ali defeating Frazier in an epic contest!

Houchins great recovery was then ended by the man possessed, otherwise known as Brian Ali. Ali’s pair of 7s defeated Houchins’ pair of 7s thanks to an Ace kicker. Ali had steam rollered his way to the heads up as John Andress probably wondered where everyone had gone after a final table that had lasted just three hours to come down to the last two players.

Ali entered the heads up with a 2 to 1 ratio advantage over Andress. There was a good half an hour spell of cautious play as neither man wanted to make a silly mistake or irresponsible decision that could cost them the title. Andress finally made his move and brought the tie back level. After some brief exchanges, Ali eventually regained a marginal lead. This would prove to be enough. In the final hand, the turn card put a two pair up for Andress. Ali drew a straight thanks to the same card. Andress thought he had it won but securing the straight meant Ali prevailed and was crowned the new champion.

It was a bizarre final table because it was so electrifying in parts. Brian Ali’s complete demolition of the final table in just three hours will go down as one of the most impressive and commanding final table performances in WSOP Circuit history. He will be involved again in May at the WSOP Circuit Championship in Las Vegas and hopefully he will deliver more of the same.